Solar Charger Controllers

We offer wide range of solar charge controller is needed in virtually all solar power systems that utilize batteries. The job of the solar charge controller is to regulate the power going from the solar panels to the batteries.

We supply these in capacities :-

  • Solar Charger Controller(10k.w-30kw) 
  • Solar Charger Controller(1k.w-6k.w)

Solar Charger Controllers
Solar Charger Controllers

Solar Charger Controllers is at the heart of every solar system, and is required to monitor and control the power going into and coming out of the battery. It must also manage the power generated by the solar panel to ensure it does not overcharge the battery. The charge controller must also ensure that the connected loads don’t over-discharge the battery, thereby damaging it.

Capacity :- (10 KW to 30 KW)

Solar Charger Controllers


Multiprocessor based modular design
State-of-the-Art Technology
Bi-directional Solar Inverters with MPPT charge controller
High Efficiency & High Reliability
Robust Design - 20 years design life
Compliance to International Standards

Capacity : (1 KW to 6 KW)

Solar Charge Controller for Lighting

This series of Solar Charge Controller is specially designed for providing intelligent charge and discharge control management of solar control system. The best choice for street lights, neon lights, advertisement boxes and other facilities.